Revisions To My Homemade Energy Gel

In a previous post  I wrote about my recipe for a homemade energy gel.  Due to various reasons I don’t think my body is designed to take in dates whilst running.  They just don’t agree with me (see post on fibre related discomfort… I decided to do a bit more snooping on the internet after after googling ‘natural energy gels’ I found a commercially available Gel product by Mule which I thought I could work on adapting myself.  All the ingredients are completely natural, and so I though it was worth a try.   I tried this out on my 18 miler at Dorney Lake last Saturday, and also my last long (ish 13 miler on Sunday) seeing as it is a bit runnier than the date mixture, it is much easier to squeeze out through the Superdrug 60ml travel shampoo bottle I’m using.  One bottle fits in the back pocket of my trousers, and I’m all for that, as I discovered at Cranleigh wearing a bumbag for 4 hours tight around my tummy is not very comfortable!  I’ve thought about wearing an armband to carry the second bottle (I’ll need 2 for the whole distance) but can’t find one the right size.  Someone (a helpful shop assistant in Runners Need’s near Oxford Street) also suggested to me sowing a small childs sock into the waistband of my trousers and sticking it in that – what a genius idea!  Or even a sun glasses case as the material is all silky…

Here’s my new recipe

– 25mls of Raw Honey (currently using this one)

– 25mls of Sweet Freedom (this is a fruit sugar based syrup)

– 1-2 tsps of lime and lemon juice

– a little lime and lemon zest (gives a great flavour)

– 1/2 tsp ginger (I used powder but finely grated whole ginger would be better)

– a pinch of himalayan salt.

Approx calorie and carb info per squeezy bottle;

153 kcals, 39g Carbs.  This comes mainly from the honey and sweetener, I presume the ginger, lemon and lime have negligable values…

By comparison one Mule sachet is 113 kcals, and 28g Carbs or a Lucozade Gel is 123 kcals, 30g carbs (1-2 of these gels per hour are recommended).  I plan for 2 of my bottles on the big day.  In my last long run I took in a big squeeze at every 3 mile mark, but starting after 9 miles – one bottle does 3 squeezes.  So for race day a slurp at 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 miles should do the trick!

NB I’m no nutrition scientist, and as my scales aren’t entirely reliable and gooey syrup is difficult to weigh, please don’t take this as gospel!

Perfect!  Completely low fibre, high energy, and natural.   It tastes pretty good too.

Tastes better than it looks...

p.s. when a runner said to me that it looked pretty vile,  they then retracted the comment when they realised that we have no idea what the commercially available products look like as they are in sealed packages!  So there!

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