Homemade Energy Gel

As requested by various people here is the recipe I have been using for my homemade energy gel.  It is based on some recipes I have found on the internet, but I’ve adapted it slightly.  I did take a picture of it on my camera phone, but then I dropped a bottle of water in my bag and ruined my phone (which is now at the mobile phone hospital hopefully being nursed back to health..) anyway, you’ll just have to trust me!  The recipe I based it on is from a book called Thrive called Brendan Brazier (a Vegan triathlete) and this blog includes a picture.  I have to confess it doesn’t exactly look appetising, but it does taste nice – if you like honey!  My recipe is as follows;


– Dates soaked overnight in water.  2 large dates (if the larger Medjool variety) or 4 smaller dates (the ones that come in the big bags from the supermarket) Organic if possible.

– Squeeze of raw honey.  Sorry I’m not sure how much, but enough to make a lot of goo!  The recipes on-line mostly use agave or brown rice syrup, but I like raw honey instead.  It has a higher GI which means quicker release energy.  Raw honey is honey in its purest form but its expensive and quite difficult to find (in health food shops), so if you’re not fussed about that, then normal pure clear honey will do.

– Lemon and lime zest.  Ideally as much as you can get from the fruit.  I find zesting these citrus fruits almost impossible, so usually give up once I’ve got as much as I can get.  They do give the gel a lovely taste.

– Pinch of salt.  I use pink himalayan salt, but any sea salt would work.  Don’t use table salt.


Chop the soaked dates and mix in a blender (or by hand) with the honey, zest and salt.  Transfer to a plastic food bag, and squeeze it into the corner and roll up.  When you come to take the gel, bite off the corner of the bag and suck it out.  My challenge over the next few weeks is to find something better  i.e less messy to carry it in.  Someone suggested a travel shampoo bottle so I’m off to Boots/Superdrug/Muji for a scout, I think the mixture might need a little added water though if it’s going in a bottle.  I’ll update this post when I find the solution!!

I’ve found a few other recipes on-line using blackstrap molasses, honey and brown rice syrup which might be worth a try too.

!Update: hot of the press I found these Travel Bottle‘s in Muji yesterday – going to try them out on Sunday’s 18 mega miler

! Second update:  I’ve now found a 60ml squeezy travel bottle in Superdrug at the bargain price of £1.39, it works much better than the Muji one (as is pink).  Will keep the Muji one for its intended purpose of shampoo or body cream maybe…

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