Article round up

I’ve come to realise there is an unbelievable wealth of information (as well as utter rubbish) on the internet about just about anything, so it comes as no surprise that there is lots to be found out about running training – through Twitter, Facebook, Virgin London Marathon bulletins, Runners World, the supply of info is endless and that’s not to mention about a zillion blogs (mine included!!!).  Anyway I’ve come to learn to take what I read with a pinch of salt, but I have been directed to a few things recently that seem to chime with my own beliefs so I thought I’d provide some links for reference.

Great article on Kettle Bells for Running –  I need to keep reading this to remind my why I include them so much in my training even though Paula Radcliffe or Haile Gebreselassie probably don’t know what they are…. Another article here

I read an just yesterday about only running 3 times per week + 2 cross-training sessions,  which is exactly what I’ve been doing without even knowing it!  1 long run (my weekend run), 1 tempo run (my tower bridge challenge), 1 intervals run (which I’ve just introduced to my schedule).  My 2 kettle bell classes then count as the cross-training. Brilliant.  I can’t link to the article, I’m afraid so you’ll just have to trust me!

Plus of course the interesting article I already mentioned about Warm up

There are lots of articles on the internet about Paleo eating and Marathon running and Loren Cordain’s Paleo Diet for Athletes is full of useful information.  A summary page can be found here

I’ve also enjoyed reading up on a few Blogs;

Not Just a Man\’s World

Heather Daniel: Run with it

The inspiration for my natural Energy Gel

This article on surviving the Sydney Marathon without Pasta

And my own favourite crew’s blog – Fitter London or Adura\’s blog

I’ve got lots more favourite blogs which feature recipes I’ve been pinching ideas from and I might just do another post on them soon, if anyone would be interested in reading them??

Anyway, hope you enjoy these articles and i’ll add more as I discover them 🙂

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